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Master Herbalist and Natural Healing Advocate


Olivia's path to becoming a Master Herbalist was forged through her own health challenges, which led her to explore the healing powers of nature.

Today, she is an expert in plant-based remedies and holistic health solutions. Her apothecary business is a testament to her commitment to safe, natural, and effective health care.

Olivia's knowledge and passion make her a vital part of Kandid Collective, where she ensures that all health solutions are grounded in understanding and compassion.


  • Herbal Medicine

  • Natural Remedies

  • Holistic Health Consulting

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Meet the Team: About Me
Meet the Team: About Me


Nadia is a powerhouse of a woman, who has confronted her fair share of hurdles. Despite being widowed young and raising five kids, she has not let life dampen her spirit. With a fiery passion for exploring the mysteries of the world, she loves travelling and unearthing forgotten histories. 

Nadia is known to delve into the esoteric and is a qualified practitioner of many holistic therapies.  She helps people to achieve their goals, fulfil their dreams and overcome their challenges to attain success beyond what they thought was possible.

But it hasn't always been that way - Nadia has had to overcome many challenges in her life. Her main challenge was learning to shut out the outside noise and trust her intuition. 

The people who helped shape her into who she is today are Nadia's Grandmother  - despite society's expectations of a single mom, she defied the odds and paved the way for Nadia to follow her dreams.

Her Father was also an important figure in her life, he spoke candidly about the many deceptions running rampant in society, leaving her with a sharpened sense of discernment.  These influences have helped shape Nadia to question the norms and see behind the veil.  

The real strength in Nadia's story comes from her tenacity to use obstacles as opportunities. She constantly grows and learns from her experiences, always looking to expand her knowledge in new areas. This thirst for knowledge drove her down a rabbit hole of discovery, where she created a podcast so enlightening it's impossible to turn back. 

Join her in unveiling the mysteries beyond the realm of reason!

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

Oscar Wilde

Meet the Team: Quote


An Unyielding Commitment Born from Personal Tragedy

In May 2019, I faced a devastating truth that no spouse should ever have to face: 'I regret to inform you, your husband didn't survive.' Our dreams of growing old together were abruptly halted and I was left with the heart-wrenching task of telling our five children that their father wouldn't be coming home.

During my hiatus from coaching, as I navigated through grief and adapted to a life I hadn't planned on, I made a startling realization. My husband's unfinished invention had joined the countless dreams that get buried prematurely, consigned to oblivion rather than realized in the world.

This stark realization birthed a renewed sense of purpose within me. Life is not a rehearsal, but a stage to perform each day with gusto, appreciating every moment as a gift, not a guarantee.

And so, my mission evolved...

My commitment is to ensure dreams are not just dreamt, but chased, caught, and lived. By daring to dream big, pursuing those dreams relentlessly, and achieving them, I aim to inspire others to do the same. It's not just about avoiding the graveyard of unfulfilled dreams, but about building a city of realized aspirations.

Reach out today, and let's breathe life into your dreams together.

Meet the Team: About
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